• 16 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Hello all,
I have a site that is getting tons of the c:program bug this morning.  I thought this bug was fixed as I'm finding solutions from 2014.  What is causing this?  It's almost 5 machines that we've found so far.  No changes were made to the site configs.

3 replies

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Again, since you haven't provided any further details to your configuration or version, I'd suggest reaching out to support. They'd be happy to assist. 

You can also troubleshoot by removing the agent, deleting the WRData folder under the ProgramData folder, reboot and reinstall to see if that helps. 
it's this exact same bug...
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Hi @
Can you elaborate more on this "bug?" Give details, what happens, OS, Webroot version etc... 

Also, have you reached out to support via ticket or phone?


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