Can't access the intranet after Install

  • 23 October 2015
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Hi, I've installed Webroot on over 20 of our clients in the office and everything works except for 2 users. their internet connection will only work if I place them in "silent audit". How can I get them to work on the default policy. What is the default policy interfering with? we've looked at poroxy settings, firewall settings etc and nothing has come up. Thx

5 replies

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We could spend time on here trying to figure out what's different about those two computers, but honestly the fastest thing to do would be to have support look at the logs to see what's going on.  Would you like me to open a ticket for you and have them contact you?
yes please, that would be great. All of the pc's should be nearly indetical because they are working off the same image so it's a bit baffling.
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Ok ticket is in.
Hi, i've been out of the office for nearly 2 weeks should I be expecting a call or email from someone/
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It looks like Greg replied to your ticket, which should have sent you an email. Did you not receive that? It would have been dated Oct 27th.