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We're implementing/still testing a virtual desktop infrastructure using Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 running atop VMware vSphere 5.5.  The environment is built, support servers running, etc. and we're working on master image deployment via Citrix PVS, but we're running into trouble when it comes to WSA installations.  According to the documentation, running WSA is supported within the virtual environment, either using the -clone or -uniquedevice commandline option.  We're building WSA into our master image and we've tried it both ways (used both command line options), but when we provision our virtual machines, we don't see those registering within the Webroot Admin Console.  When we used -uniquedevice, we saw 1 provisioned VM register in the console but with continual refreshes, that same instance in the Admin Console would change names, our assumption was that we were seeing the last provisioned VM to check in.  When we used -clone, to be honest I'm not exactly sure what we're seeing.  I think I see 1 device register, but it attaches a random series on numbers on name.
Can anyone provide some assistance or at least a direction to look in?  TIA 

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No it is not possible to implement Webroot in Golden Image due to appearance issues. We got the advise to install Webroot via GPO in closed image. Funny fact - MCS does work without issues, all servers appear in console as it should be.