Consolidate Key Codes

  • 22 November 2013
  • 1 reply

I have two keys... 1 for 5 users/75 days left and 1 for 8 users/365 days left. Is there any way to consolidate these together? If not, what about when the 75/day one is about to expire? I am also about to add 3 more computers that need WSA, so what to do now?

1 reply

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Do you mean add the 75 to the 365? or Do you mean have them together in the same console?
The second you can already do. If you go to your email address in the right top corner of the console and select Licence Keys you can add all your keys there.
If you want to add 3 more, just buy more licenses and add the keys. The only drawback would be the variety of expiration dates, however that's difficult to manage.