Critical Java SE update due Tuesday fixes 40 flaws

  • 12 August 2013
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Recently whenever I open Internet explorer, it opens to a"Java Software Critical Update" and I can not get rid of it.  Is this something I really need to do?  If not how can I get rid of it once and for all?

6 replies

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Unless your homepage is loading a site that uses Java, no you should not be seeing a message like this. It is possible your DNS or HOSTS file has been hijacked, though I've never seen that sucessfully done on a WSA-protected computer.
Please post a screenshot.

Obviously I do not know how to navigate through the forum but I did post the screen shot of the "Java Critical Update" screen I get whenI open Internet explorer.  Any advise will be appriciated.
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Please Open a Support Ticket so that we can collect logs on your machine and make sure you are not infected.
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You definitely have/had some kind of hijacker on your computer. Since it's asking you to run this file it may only have a foothold in the system (which is why Mike is hesitant to call this an outright infection.)
Speculation: You ran some kind of potentially unwanted program that gets cash for affiliate installs. Either the people running the affiliate network that changed your homepage are outright scumbags or this hijacker got in under their noses. Stuff like this is why I hate PUA....
Please post the results once you resolve this with Webroot support. I'm very interested to find out how it pulled this off.
Also, kudos to you for figuring out there wasn't something right. It's a pretty clever fake I'll admit. I'm happy you came looking for advice!
I did open ticket so we will see what developes.  I think I try to avoid anything I'm not sure of but there is so much junk that comes in I probably missed something. Thanks