Custom/brand software continuously blocked by Webroot.

  • 30 May 2014
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Our customers already and repeatedly had this problem.
Custom software named "Bestia" and some actions performed by this soft are continuously blocked by Webroot.

Last time I get info from Webroot Support that this problem was solved and some globally exclusion pattern was implemented. But this is not working well.

But again Webroot blocks - for example Open Report action - because this action creates some random .dll files in Temp directory.  It maybe has to do something with Bestia update but still this should be not an issue for you.
After the initial WSA installation Bestia is sometimes blocked completely and then repeatedly some actions re blocked.
So please, is it possible to implement some globally form and exclusion for this software because we had many clients (Town Offices) with the same issue and we need to solve this once and for all.

Best Regards and waiting for answer

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If you contact support again they should be able to tweak the exclusion pattern.  Sorry that this is such a hassle!