Dashboard not showing all endpoints

  • 5 August 2021
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Hi all 

Less than 20% of my endpoints are showing up in the dashbord? 

They all are showing upevery where else but not in Dashbord?


Thanks in Advance...Xt

3 replies

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@Xtype - which “Dashboard” - your RMM or the Webroot console? The answer will depend on specifically what you’re seeing as there are so many “dashboards” not sure where to start. 8-)

If it’s Webroots admin console, then lots more questions. If it’s the RMM platform, will need the specific RMM as each integration has slightly different nuances to trace what’s up.

Let me know and I’ll try to help and/or get you someone on my team to assist.


Shane - Manager, Solutions Consulting.

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Hi coscooper

It is in the WR console dashboard. I recently started using WR again so I have just 15 endpoints added but only showing 4 in the ‘’Dashboard’’ page. 


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@Xtype 3 things come to mind.

  1. Agents just need network access - firewall possibly blocking. Can send the URLs required to work if necessary
  2. Previous agent install, may be picking old key and trying to report to that old key. Check GUI on one or two problems under the “Account” information to see if the keys (or partial displayed by default) match properly.
  3. Are all the sites viewable in the console? If the site was setup by another admin, the agent may be installed to that key and it may just not be visible. If you’re super admin, just give yourself access.

Can always just give support a call to have them walk through possible issues as well.