Dell PC - Disk resources

  • 29 October 2021
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So were to begin.  we have multiple clients that have webroot installed on DELL AIO pc’s are the majority being used on daily basis however in light of certain DELL updates that have to be done manually at this time Team is finding it increaseingly difficult upon boot to wait and sit for WEBROOT to stop pegging out the main disk drive with read and write scanning anything in the background running on startup which there is not much to scan until a user starts using their PC for daily use.  noticed in task manager that DISK usage is pegged making anything on the DELL AIO inoperable to use. what is good way to keep this from happening besides disabling the end point service form the mywebroot management dashboard, then rebooting there by uninstalling it from the machine do our work then reboot again to reinstall it.   management dashboard 

CE 21.4  and webroot end point version - is client version

please advise. 

1 reply

hello, can i get some assistance with this. thank you