Email Billing report ?

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I would like to know if it is possbile to have the Webroot Billing information mailed to me every month.

We are a MSP and this would be really good to have.

Or if it is possible to do this with the Universal Reporter?


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Hi @JonnyArowell,

Yes, you are correct.  The Universal Reporter does not yet have an “all sites” option.  We will be building more features into UR once we have gathered enough information as to our MSPs needs. 

The Universal reporter provides many other advantages over the current reporting available via the Webroot Management Console, including:

  • Full customization of report colors, charts, text, etc.
  • Co-branding with MSP logo
  • Full control of the content including all messaging MSP customers are interested in
  • Automatic context sensitive messaging based on report content
  • Automatic reports sent from MSP or MSP Sales Rep email address
  • Multiple email addresses per customer
  • Ability to add non-Webroot content by advanced users who have PowerShell or API skills
  • Ability to share templates between Webroot customers
  • Ability to combine Endpoint, DNS, SAT, and other content into one report
  • Simple set up and maintenance of monthly reports for MSP customers
  • Ability to run multiple instances of the tool by anyone
  • Easy template creation process as users demand different types of reports

Thanks again for your input!

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Thanks, I have tried this but is there a way to make 1 report för all Sites in the Universal Reporter like the Billing report from the “Webroot Management Console in Settings > Account Information > My Usage or My Billing”, I cant seem to find how this is done with the templates?

All Templates looks lite per site and i would like to have with all Sites..Like this table...Is this possible?

Sitename Endpoints DNS Endpoints
Site-1 545 540
Site-2 123 123
Site-3 324 320


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Hi @JonnyArowell,

Thanks for the clarity.

If you wish to send out usage emails to yourself or your customers on a schedule, I would recommend using the Universal Reporter tool.  You can find the videos and download link in Webroot Management Console > Reports > API Reporting.  You can either use the Endpoint: Usage and/or the Endpoint: Usage List templates as a starting point.  You can always modify the existing templates to suit you needs.

Hope this helps,


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Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I was not clear “where” I sent my question but my questions was about, if I could have the billing report sent to me my email from the “Webroot Management Console in Settings > Account Information > My Usage or My Billing”. On some Schedule, like every month, it would be a neat feature so we dont have to access the website for this.

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Hello @JonnyArowell,

The Universal Reporter can generate Usage Reports per site (per customer) and you can place your own email address as the receiver of the reports, and receive those reports monthly.  However, it really does depend on what you mean by “billing”.  If you mean a Dollar amount, no.  You will need to do that in a PSA or another MSP/Customer billing platform.  We have an integration with ConnectWise Manage where usage numbers are automatically pushed, and the Manage platform then generates the bills according to specific customer agreements.

Alternatively, depending on where and how you have purchased your Webroot license, you can see the Usage numbers in the Webroot Management Console in Settings > Account Information > My Usage or My Billing.