FYI if Outlook 2013 crashing

  • 19 November 2013
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I'm hearing from my patch management mailing list that companies are having issues after the last batch of Office 2013 updates. Outlook 2013 will launch and lock up 30 seconds later. Other companies are reporting that rebuilding the mail profile fixes it.
Strange story: Yesterday I remoted into a PC not on our network and while I was there I installed WSA. The machine started to hard-lock after 30 seconds in Outlook 2013. I removed WSA and it resolved the issue.
I've heard it's related to Microsoft Security Essentials being installed.
Will report back if I find out more...

1 reply

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We've been having this issue with 2013 and 2010 past week or so. With the 2010 installs doing a repair install will typically fix it, doesn't work as well on the 365 installs...