How can I install software that uses LSP?

  • 7 October 2013
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We have a small network (<15) workstations.  We want to install some internet monotoring and blocking
software.  Webroot is compromising the workstation installation.  The Software log indicates that a the client software has been compromised.  One of the prodicts that we are evaluating is Pearl Echo Suite.  I have seen this work in other  companies and want to install it.  Their experts say that Webroot must be blocking or modifying the LSP that their software uses.  Is there any way to configure Webroot to allow LSP'S.

4 replies

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Webroot protects the LSP chain you are correct. You can turn LSP protection off under the core system shield in the console policy, but I recommend you contact support first. That way they can whitelist the software so you don't have to forgo LSP protection. I've never had a problem with LSP software, but they should be able to do it within a few hours. I wouldn't turn the shield off, install the software and turn it back on.
Speaking from experience fighting malware that messes with the LSP chain, it's a real nightmare. I would definitely try to get Webroot to fix it on their end first so you don't forgo this important protection.
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Thanks, explanoit.
This is the best way to go about this particular issue so that our engineers can 'whitelist' the program or build in functionality with Webroot to work seamlessly with Pearl Echo Suite.
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Wizard - Did you open a support ticket so that our engineers could assist you further?
I opened a support ticket but that was months ago.  I've sent logs and done the things they suggest without success.
The Pearl echo suite works fine without webroot, but will not work with it.