How do I configure email alerts?

  • 30 November 2020
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Hello, I’m a new user of Webroot SecureAnywhere, managing about 80 endpoints.  I would like to configure the application so that if a virus is found it automatically emails an administrator, rather than having to watch the console all day.  Is this possible?  I tried searching the forums and all I could find was a thread from two years ago that “we’re looking into implementing this feature”.  Is this possible now?

2 replies

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Hello @msmith-442 


I will ping @coscooper and he will help you out.



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@msmith-442 - Look at the Alerts section. There are two types of alerts you can have sent to any email.

> You can send an alert when a threat has been seen

> You can setup an alert with a “summary” of several threats if they occur.

The options are presented when you make a new alert.

Hope that helps.