How do I turn off antivirus and firewall in order to install a HP upgrade

  • 2 December 2016
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How do I turn off antivurus and firewall programs in order to install something, and then turn them on again?

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Hey @
What kind of HP Upgrade are you trying to install? I've installed many an update with the agent running without issue. And I manage over 5000 endpoints

It's actually best to leave the Webroot agent running so it can see and learn what's being done in the environment.
The suggestion of disabling the AV agent to install something is more or less now a suggestion and not always needed. I'd only look to disable it temporarily if you run into an issue.
If you absolutely have to disable the agent, you can go into the console, under Group Management tab of that client site, find the endpoint in question, place a check box next to the agent, then click Apply Policy to endpoints and in the dialogue select Unmanaged.
Then, locally on the endpoint, right click the agent icon in the taskbar and select "Refresh Configuration." This will then force a poll to the cloud and take the new unmanaged policy. From there you can manage all the options locally on the endpoint.

Just remember to put the system back to it's default policy when you are finished by reversing the steps above and selecting the policy you had originally applied from the dialogue drop down box and then Refreshing Configuration on the agent again.
Hope this helps.