How long does it take for upgrading?

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I see a new version for Mac has been released since 8 days, a new version for Windows has been released since 17 days. However, all agents in my clients are stil the old version.

  • Mac is
  • Windows is 

I know they said not everyone will receive the update at the same time, but one or two weeks should be enough?

Any problem with upgrading?

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@hungpham  - agent updates are typically rolled out to live systems over a 3 - 4 week period depending on the update release changes, so it depends on where your console key lands in that process.  The first week is a small customer batch and the roll out increases from there.

When GA is established, the new devices will get the newest version as it is made available to the console download links on day one. This latest upgrade should be finalized by the end of this week.

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Hey @coscooper. Thanks for answering. The thing is that Webroot on my client’s Mac is showing a yellow exclamation mark, and indicating new version already. I assume that if the Webroot installation has detected a new version, it should be updated right away? Otherwise, it makes customers feel confused, and question us, who are Webroot license distributors.


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Yes, that is a different issue being looked into by engineering. I do not have an answer specifically as it’s occurring on our internal Macbooks as well. Mine is in same situation, so look to have answer soon.:sunglasses:

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I have the same problem, except two MacBook Pro models are not updating but another model did today. Weird and random? And frustrating to my users.



Same Mac problem here. 2 out of the 3 Macs I have have the orange exclamation mark and non-working Update Now button. Our clients have started asking us about it as well.


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So @coscooper , the Windows agents have been upgraded. But all my Mac clients are still using the old version with warnings. It is not because of the rolling out now, I believe. Any update from your engineers in the last 14 days, please?


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@hungpham  - you are correct. The Mac agent not updating properly is a known bug they’re working on, not part of the standard roll out. In the meantime, you can manually update on any existing system using this updater. /Library/Application Support/Webroot/wrupdate.dmg (If that isn’t there, then there should be the WSAMACSME.dmg that will do it as well.)

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@coscooper  I just checked on my Mac, /Library/Application Support/Webroot is empty. Nothing there.

So I downloaded wsamacsme.dmg from Run it. Nothing happens next, and the version is still

Tried to terminate it, uninstalled, rebooted the Mac. Then run the installation again. This time it said installing the latest version. However, after installed successfully, it is still showing version

Any other work around?

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Are there any updates to this?  I’ve been anxiously awaiting an update to fix this very annoying Full Disk Access problem, and now I can’t even upgrade the software because of the problems reported in this thread.


Very frustrating.

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Hello @juicy_plankton 


It’s best if to contact support for business and they will help you!


See here for more info:


And here: