How long does it take for Webroot to uninstall after sending the uninstall command?

  • 16 March 2023
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I use webroot to centrally manage devices for out clients. Our policy is set to poll every 15 minutes. I’ve sent the command to the device that I want to uninstall it on, the command log shows delivered, but the program isn’t uninstalling. I’ve reset the device too and tried to refresh config on it but still webroot remains. 


How long does it take for the webroot client to act on the commands it receives? How can i force this to unistall?


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3 replies

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I will ping a couple of Webroot Staffer’s @coscooper@csaunders  @trodde@dstokes1 



Thanks @TripleHelix! I hope they can help.

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Normally if you have the policy set to poll every 15 minutes and you have run a “Refresh Configuration,” then it should have received the command and executed it. 

Sometimes what I do is manually initiate a scan and that will pull down the command (after I send another uninstall command) and execute it. 

Or… you can set the agent to an unmanaged policy and then locally just uninstall the agent. 

Or.. place a ticket with support. 

Hope this helps