How to block application in New Test Policy

  • 10 May 2021
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I wanted to text blocking 7zip on a Policy Copy due to Ransomware concerns where 7zip is used to encrypt files, but I cannot figure out how to find an option to block applications from the Admin Console. I see the option on the Workstation doesn’t allow changes (PC Security - Blow/Allow Files).

Also, I used to be able to allow/block applications under Agent Commands in the old console, but no longer see that opion in the New Console.

Any help would be appreciated.


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4 replies

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That’d be a no go either. Webroot was never really designed for this purpose. 

If you are looking for more granular control over file types and programs to run, you’ll need a different solution. 

If you are a business there’s a product (can’t directly name here), but it deals with “Threat” in the name and a storage “Locker” like high school. *wink*

That’s interesting. Maybe I’ll see if there’s a way to block a file format like .7z

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You won’t be able to. Webroot isn’t designed to do that.

You can attempt to do it by MD5 for the 7zip program, but since hashes change so often, the block will only last a very short time. 



Correction to typo: *I wanted to TEST blocking an application (7-Zip) on a Copy of a Policy template...