How to uninstall when machine is not communicating with console

  • 28 April 2015
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I have a few Windows 2012 servers running Webroot SecureAnywhere 8.0.8.x. They've stopped communicating with the console, so I can't send them any commands to scan, refresh, uninstall, or anything from there. When I try to uninstall from the server's Programs and Features, I get this message:
SecureAnywhere is currently managed by the Web Console and all changes need to be applied centrally. Please refer to the SecureAnywhere documentation for further information.
My question is, how do I uninstall the product on a machine that is managed centrally but not communicating?

3 replies

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You can uninstall manually by booting into safe mode with networking first.  Run the installer with the -uninstall flag and that will take it out.  As to the communication issue, it could be the realtime shield - are these servers in the "recommended server defaults" policy group?  If not, try putting them in there to make sure the realtime shield is off for those machines.
They do have realtime shield turned on, but since they're managed from the console I can't turn it off locally. And since they're not communicating with the console, changing the group setting does nothing for them. I will make that change for all the other servers, though.
They're servers, so rebooting is problematic. Is that really the only other option?
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You could try right clicking on the Webroot icon and select "refresh configuration" to try and force it to talk to the console.  I don't know of any other way to pull it out, but support might.  I'll check with them and see if there's anything else to try.