I keep finding WRSVC service using 99% to 100% of server CPU. Cannot resolve cause. Please help?

  • 14 September 2016
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When Webroot performs the scheduled scan of a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM it appears to get stuck and uses all the CPU.
Server is the domain controller and is running a couple of SQL based applications and hosting shared data for a small business.
I have tried reinstalling the programme, renaming the WRData directory etc. Most times when I reinstall or restart Webroot and do the initial scan it completes in around 10 minutes. About every two days I get a call from the customer advising they cannot work. Restarting the server appears to clear the issue. I have looked at other threads relating to similar issues but have not yet found a permanent solution. 
Any thoughts on what I can try next to get this issue fixed please?

1 reply

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It sounds like a process might be being monitored. Have you contacted support yet? If not, I can put in a ticket for you.