In the Webroot console, how do we permanently delete a quarantined threat?

  • 29 May 2015
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In the Webroot console, how do we permanently delete a quarantined threat? I see in the front-end user GUI the option to permanently delete from quarantine, but user receives error message that settings are centrally managed. Also, will the "Needs Attention" then clear?

On a similar note, if we create an override for a found threat, should the "Needs Attentions" clear or about how long should it take before that status clears?

Thanks so much for any input!

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4 replies

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Hello @,
Unfortunately there is no way to permanently delete a threat from the console itself.
You can change that endpoint to an unmanaged policy and then remove the threats that way but its generally advisable to leave them in the quarantine once they have been removed in case of a false positive.
If you create an override for the threat and re scan on that endpoint, that notice should go away.
Please let me know if this helps, or if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
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Hi @:
Got it.  
Thanks much!
PS. We hope in a future release we can permananently delete from quarantine using the console.  That feature exist in the user GUI for unmanaged clients so it makes sense that it should exist in the console for managed clients, ya?
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I totally agree with you.
It would be a useful feature in my opinion.
I would say that the best way to get visibility on that would be to submit a feature request here.
That way our community can vote on it, and I certainly would. We are always looking at these for requested features to see what we can do to improve the product.
I hope you have a great day!
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3 years and this is still not an option.... Guess when Carbonite purchases Webroot, this will change? Oh wait... never mind, it won't.