Is there a way to Deactivate "Not seen lately" Automatically like not seen in 60 days?

  • 9 June 2019
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Or is there a way to do it from the groups list as it'll show all of the old but no option to disable. We have 90 clients and 3K devices and the switching between tabs in the Webroot Console is ridiculously slow and tedious switching between tabs.

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4 replies

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While there isn't a way to auto-deactivate them, you can use the filter to not see endpoints that haven't been seen in the last 60 days.

Sites > Endpoint Protection > Data Filter

Can choose from 1, 2, 3, 6, & 12 months. Whichever you select will only show endpoints that have checked in within that time. Deactivation itself must be done manually.

Hopefully this helps!
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Thanks for the input but It doesn't help, this is the frustration in using the console as you have to switch between tabs and the refresh is terrible.
I receive warnings from Webroot accounting saying that I'm over my licensing and that I'm going to get billed more but then have to spend hours switching tabs to sort out which computers haven't been seen for awhile.
FEATURE request, if Webroot can tell me how many i'm over in licencing I'm sure they can add a selection box in the group section so that we can easily disable them.

Thank you..
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Webroot, please make a setting so that

1) If a PC was last seen X (defined by Partners) days then it deactivates
2) If a PC is in deactivated mode AND it is seen again, it re-activates

This is the type of automation that Webroot can easily do to help its partners.

Thank you.

+1 for this option too