Issue where webroot stops a Microsoft surface from going into standby/hibernation

  • 20 August 2015
  • 5 replies

I currently have a few surface users who are currently experincing low to no battery after the install of webroot.
At the end of the day they hit the standby button putting the surface to sleep and come in the next day expecting battery life to find there is none.
I have done the normal check of the policy to see if its set to not allow scans under battery power and I have also checked to see if theres anything else on the policy settings that could affect it.
Has anyone had the same issue or perhaps could point me in the right direction to help out these users.
Thanks you for your time.

5 replies

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What time do you have the scans set to run for in the policy?
We have it set for 7am
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That shouldn't be causing the wakeups then.

try powercfg /lastwake in an admin command line window and see what it says and/or check the event logs:

I can also have support contact you to troubleshoot if you like.
Thanks for the infomation nic,
I'll get the guys with the issues to see what comes up with that command.
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Sounds good - let me know what you find out.