Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit for IT workers

  • 13 March 2014
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Many businesses are currently trying to upgrade their PCs from Windows XP to a more modern version before XP loses its support on April 8th. Today, Microsoft has released what it is calling the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit, which is designed to help IT administrators help their fellow co-workers easily move to using the latest version of Windows.
The Microsoft Springboard Series blog has more information on what the toolkit contains. It includes things like email templates that can be sent to all of a business's employees with tips and information about Windows 8.1. The emails are designed to be timed so that they can be sent out on specific dates (10 days before Windows 8.1 is used, 5 days before, Day 1 of the transition, one week after and so on).
The toolkit also has posters and flyers that can be printed and placed inside the workplace alerting employees to the upcoming OS change. In addition, there are training videos, a brief Windows 8.1 tip sheet, scripts and slides that can be used by IT workers to help augment any in-house training on the OS and more.
Microsoft has previously released a Quick Guide and a Power User Guide for Windows 8.1, again designed for businesses who want to quickly get their workers up to speed on the new OS.

3 replies

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Thanks for posting this, good info!
Frnds may i known how the windows 8 differs from 8.1 which one is highly accurate in work?
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@ wrote:
Frnds may i known how the windows 8 differs from 8.1 which one is highly accurate in work?
Hi rohan
What's New in Windows 8.1
Features of Windows 8.1
Compare Windows 8.1 Editions
Windows 8.1: Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you
Best regard, Petr.