Need to remotely uninstall Webroot from 135 devices on a domain.

  • 19 January 2017
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I need to remotely uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere from 135 devices on a domain.  I do have the ability to do this via a RMM so if there are any scripts or software that can accomplish this with silent or no reboot switches that would be great. 
Thank you!

4 replies

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 You can also contact Support by submitting a Trouble Ticket. Webroot Support is free to all licensed WSA users and Support will help you resolve the issues you are having.
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Can you let us know what RMM software you're using?
As I use LabTech, my scripts are specific to it.  There is already a Webroot Uninstall script bundled that I can apply to an entire client.  But if you don't have that...
Option 1:  If all of your clients are in a GSM, you can do a mass deactivation from the console.  Then you can use RMM to issue the following command to set this registry key:
UpdateNow is a DWORD that already should exist, you just want to change the value.  When the clients poll the console, they will see they have been deactivated, which triggers an uninstall.  If you have agents that aren't always on, you could set a scheduled script in your RMM software to issue your command every so often, but only issue it to online agents, up until said time that removal is either complete, or you can manually pick up any stragglers. 
Thank for the response!  We use Managed Workplace, so we can either create a customer script or even store an uninstaller .exe in a task and run it against all the machines.
We don't have access to the Webroot console anymore so we can't set them to deactive, etc.
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If the systems are all running the same version of Webroot, you "might* be able to use a GPO if the installer was an MSI, or a script that is some variant of the following:
msiexec /uninstall <pathnameonlocalcomputer-wherethisfileislocated>wsasme.msi /qn
This is only if you installed by MSI in the first place, and the above file or a similar MSI (in which case, use the name of your installer MSI) is located on all the individual systems, so you may have to have your script transfer it to a temp folder.
I have no guarantee this will work; frankly, while it is part of our uninstaller script, I have had limited success.  Webroot is designed to be difficult to uninstall to prevent malware from removing it.  I have had much better luck with deactivating in the console and then force-polling, but as you no longer have that available, you have limited options. and may need to uninstall the product manually, possibly from Safe Mode on each workstation.
I would suggest opening a support ticket to see if Webroot has additional options.  Good luck.