Needing to do a rip and replace from a competitor product to Webroot!

  • 4 November 2015
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Hey Everybody,
I have a potential client that is considering a switch to Webroot and it's a considerable amount of endpoints. They are currently using the Client/Server version of ESET Endpoint protection.
Is there any faster methods to help remove/uninstall the ESET product from the systems? They'll have the Webroot product installed alongside the ESET, so I'm hoping possibly to utilize the communities knowledge to help me out here.
I don't wanna lose this sale over not being able to efficiently remove the old product.

3 replies

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Does the ESET server allow you to issue a removal command? That's how Webroot handles it on the console. That's probably the easiest if it exists.

If not, it looks like ESET has a removal tool here:

You could push that out using whatever patch management system you use, or you could issue an agent command in the console to run it.
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I can verify that removal from the console is the easiest way to do this. If there is no access to the console then the removal tool is the next best bet but a pain to do one at a time. I would love to find a way to script the removal of competitors - ESET and Avast are the ones I am seeing in my area and both are a pain to get rid of. Thanks for any feedback.
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Did a quick search and found this:
It allows for remote administration and can push out an uninstall command to the clients.  
Hopefully, that may help.  If not, you will probably have to use the eset removal tool or perform a manual uninstall on each individual machine.  
Good luck!