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  • 12 February 2024
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I think I read somewhere before, but I cannot find it out so if anyone can point me to that page, it would be great. Basically we are having mixed Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac High Sierra, Mac Catalina, Mac Sonoma. So, the Webroot Endpoint Protection agents are also in different versions. I want to have the list of each Webroot version which supports for which OS.

For example:

-Mac release requires at least Big Sur macOS.

In addition, I found this page but not sure what versions mean here. Is macOS Sonoma a version with different builds? Or Sonoma 14.3 is a version and 14.3.1 is another version?

Thank you.

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So, judging by the Wiki page, it does appear that Sonoma indeed has various build versions dating back from June 5th 2023 when released.


14.3 seems to be the Jan 2024 release in your case, with 14.3.1 being Feb release.