PC under constant attack from Webroot

  • 8 November 2015
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Unless I instruct Webroot to scan my computer each night when retiring it persistently attacks my PC during the day with unwanted scans which completely freeze my old computer. Instructing it to stop the scan do not work. Unfortunately I often forget to request such a  scan just before I sleep so my business is essentially wrecked the next day.
Support inform me that my PC security scans are 'centrally managed' and that they are beyond my control unless I re-programme the Webroot online management site. I have been unable to do this. Two requests to Webroot to restore sanity at their end have been ignored.
If Webroot cannot internally sort this problem what chance does a customer have?
If I had less than six months subscription unexpired I would remove Webroot but alas a year's sub. has only recently been paid for.
The purpose of this post? To hopefully ensure that Webrrot re-consider the way they have set up scans. Certainly I will not renew with them.  

5 replies

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Hello ?,

Welcome to the Webroot Community!
I was able to locate your ticket and see our agent responded to your ticket with instructions on how to log into your management console and change the settings. You have not read this response from our support agent yet.

Please go back to the ticket with support and follow the instructions provided. I have also provided the instructions for changing to a user configuration below.
To resolve this issue, follow the instructions below to change this setting.

1. Log into the online management website here.
2. Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere website and click the PC Security tab.
3. Click the icon for the PC to edit.
4. Click the Security Setting Edit option to open the drop-down menu of protection options.
5. Select "User Configuration".
6. Click the green check box to apply this setting.
Not correct. I read both identical responses. I followed the instructions but Webroot failed to recognise the password which it had allocated to me. In any event such an insane system should be capable of being corrected by its inventor, particularly when you control everything at your end. 
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You have not read the latest response where our customer agent describes that:
1. The password you provided is not the password to login to your account 
2. The email to access your account is different than the one you submitted a ticket with.
Please log back into the ticketing system and read the latest response.
It was sent to you on October 30th and has NOT been seen. We are able to see when the response is viewed.
Absolutely correct. I did not see that third intelligence and cannot trace it anywhere within my e-m system.
I used the password supplied for the job, not my login password. It failed.
Thank goodness you did not supply my new chimbney. I would hate to have to get onto the roof to repair it.
For my part this conversation is over. Goodbye.
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The password supplied to you was to access the support conversation. We would never send your password to you in a ticket such as that.

I would advise navigating to https://detail.webrootanywhere.com/servicewelcome.asp entering your email that you have used to contact support, and the password that was sent to you in the email (the same one you provided to our agent). This will allow you to see the latest response and then continue to work with them if you require further assistance.