Ports required for firewall exceptions

  • 30 January 2017
  • 2 replies

Please could someone let me know which specific ports to allow outbound to the following URLs as part of the SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection setup:
Communicating Through a Firewall If a firewall is in place, please allow Webroot’s path masks through the firewall, as described in the following table. PATHINFORMATION *.prevxinfo.com

 Covers the g-url’s as well as several other target addresses.

Some devices don’t like a single * for urls that contain dots in the value of *.

For devices that don't like multiple *’s.

Covers inbound communication from the Amazon cloud servers.

To be used for future communications

To be used for future communications

2 replies

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Hi TerrierJim
Welcome to the Webroot Forums.
You have posted in the Home/Consumer section of the forums rather than the Business section so I will move your post over there and hopefully you will get a response from the Endpoint Security Users.
Hope that is OK?
Regards, Baldrick
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Is this list still current?


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