Printing/Exporting Policies

  • 19 October 2021
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For SOC Compliance, we need to have a evidence of our policies. Currently the work around is to just take screen shots, but this is very tedious and inefficient.

I see there was an older thread, however that answer does not apply to the current UI.

We currently use the CE 21.4 version, is there a solution to be able to export the policies?


(I tried through the reporting tool, but I do not see the option there as well...)

1 reply

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Hi there @rxthexletter!

The GSM console CE 21.4 doesn’t offer policy export at the moment, however if you navigate to the legacy Endpoint Protection console (if you are an MSP, click on the kebab menu at the far right of a site on the “Sites” screen and click on the box with the diagonal arrow pointing out. If you are a business user with a single site, launch the EP console from the “Endpoint Protection” section of the dashboard), select the Policies tab, select a policy, then click on the floppy disk icon above “Show Deleted Policies” at the top right, you can export details on that policy to a CSV file. 

Let me know if that solves your issue or if your use case is more expansive!