Product Pricing policy - have you changed it/increased it?

  • 8 December 2015
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I recently purchased about 40 licences and now plan to deploy further.  We obtained pricing from your local distributer in Ireland a few weeks ago and now went back to order andother 250+ and now have a different price.  It's now roughly 30% more expensive to buy.  This now placed the project in jeopardy and are looking to source an alternative - reluctantly I might add.  
We are a non-profit humanitarian organisation and we work in some very unstable places.  Security is extremely important to us.
I'm happy to take this conversation private if needs be.

3 replies

Hi there Victor
This seems unusual. Perhaps a mistake. Why not drop me an email with full details so I can help out.
Thanks....  We're really anxious to get this to bed.  I'd also love to connect with EMEA sales so we can build a relationship with them....  Please advise how best to make this happen....!
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Let me get in touch with our EMEA sales guy and find out what the deal is.