Question about "Threats Seen" on web interface

  • 17 December 2014
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Hi guys,
Introductions first, I'm Marc, sys  & support admin for Fónua Ltd in Ireland.
I've been trying to advocate the switch to Webroot for some time now and a repeat encounter today with that darn CryptoLocker virus gave me the perfect window to do so. 
I signed up for a trial version and have set up the endpoint client on 10 IT PC's for testing purposes. Now I'd like to mention I've used Webroot before, my previous employment was with an IT services provider who deployed and managed Webroot services to clients.
So far everything has been fine, with one glaring exception.
To showcase Webroot in the IT department alone I tested it with a number of virus', and it worked beautifully. 18 detected threats on the one machine and nothing escaped the net. However, I then went to showcase the web interface for the administration control and one thing stood out like a sore thumb. The "Threats detected" section was empty, and the interface essentially said nothing had ever been detected, all was fine.
All machines are showing up fine in the interface, the scans are being detected as well in the logs however all scans say "Clean (little tick)" even if they weren't on the actual machine. 
Has anybody encountered this issue before, with threats not being reported into the web interface? Have I missed something or broken something?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Hm, that sounds like it shouldn't be happening.  Go ahead and contact support and they can look at your logs and see why the threats aren't showing up.