Ransomware suspected

  • 12 June 2015
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Customer's PC was infected with various trojans and viruses -- he saw a ransom screen - we used HItman then malwarebytes and webroot to remove infections.  But he brought it to us too late.
xls, doc, pdf and.jpg files all over his HD had their filenames changed by appending  '.pokjaak.pdf' and are no longer readable.
the panda unencrypter cannot crack the encryption -- the cisco one and the kaspersky are no help  -- are there any suggestions from this group -- the notebook was not well backed up and it is a critical business machine -- we do have many before and after examples of files with some of the backups that we have

2 replies

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That sucks - sorry to hear that.  Glad that you have some good backups though.
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I've had to deal with Ransomeware. To my knowledge, it is not possible to unencrypt the files. (Okay, anything is possible but most of us do not have the time or equipment required) Best option is going to the backup. If a backup is not available, the other options are: Format, re-install, lose the data and move on, or, pay the ransome, the encryption key is usually provided enabiling the files to be unlocked. However, if the files are that important, they were important enough to be doing a regular backup. But I'm sure the owner of the PC has figured that out.