Retail POS Software/Sage One with SQL & Pastel software and Webroot Conflicts

  • 9 February 2016
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Have a client im putting together a proposal for that is using a Retail POS software system that heavily uses versions of SQL and they also use Sage One with Pastel.
I'm hoping to get this contract as they are for a very large number of retail stores and will result in a large amount of endpoint deployments.
I am, however, very concerned about Webroot conflicting with SQL and Sage One with Pastel. I've seen issues with Xactimate that never got resolved and I don't want to run into the same issues.
Here's the two sites of the software they use:
I know about the Whitelisting of files/folders through the console, but I've also seen instances where things were still interfered with even with that on.

Can somebody assist and provide input here? Also explain why Webroot seems to, more than others, interfere with database type software packages?

John Hart
Nerds On Site

6 replies

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Do you have a test system we can try it out on? That way if any conflicts come up we can get them whitelisted on our end before you go live.
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Hey Nic,
I don't as I am bidding on this support contract for their entire chain of stores (thousands of endpoints spread out) and Nerds On Site is already an MSP partner for Webroot.
I suggested a trial on a few systems before a roll out for the same reasons  you said.
Is there a reason why Webroot seems to not play quite so nicely with database type software compared to traditional AV vendor products?
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If there is a particular issue with database software, I'm not aware of why that might be. If you want to contact support then I'm sure they could look up software in our database and be able to tell you if it's already whitelisted.

Does Sage offer a trial of their software? That might be another way to test it out first.
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Hi John,
Don't know if it's of any assistance.
I've been testing Webroot.
We use Pastel Partner v12.
I've had no issue with Webroot & PSQL.
The only file I've had to 'overide' is PAstels autoupdate DLL
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We've had clients using a software package called Xactimate and it's well known to cause conflicts with Webroot and they never got resolved no matter how many overrides or whitelists we did.
So you can see why i'd be aprehensive about database driven software and Webroot.
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Hi John,
Sage/Pastel use "PervasiveSQL".
It is not your typical SQL engine. In fact it's a pain to query.
There are not many references to Pervasive SQL available on the net.
I'm running PSQL v10 and Webroot has no problems.
(don't confuse PervasiveSQL with  (PQSL) other versions provided by other vendors)
I've been using Sage products since the early 80's. The only problems I have ever encountered, with any AV product, is their 'auto update' files.
I am not a Sage/Pastel reseller - My employment has encountered Sage more often than not.
I believe it is software "written by accountants - for accountants". The GUI sucks.
However - it has always passed AV software with little or no problem. Functionality has never been an issue.
POS software is also installed by default, I don't use it.
Webroot has not blocked any of its files.
Being such a propietry product - it doesn't reference files that are commonly updated via MS. etc.
Being said - Pastel is pretty safe  - AV/Webroot will not block it.


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