threat removal

  • 1 November 2014
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everytime i run a scan it says 15 threats removed 
even if i do it multiple times in a row...
now it says 20 threats removed
i have emailed support several days ago but no reply
maybe this is quicker?

1 reply

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Hello beamgas, welcome to the Community!
WSA keeps long term stats.. the Threats Removed is usually the TOTAL threats removed since WSA was first installed, or since the stats had been reset.
To reset the stats:
Open WSA
Click the 'gear tool' next to Utilities
Click the Reports tab
Click the View Statistics button
Click the Reset button
If you do that, and then do another scan, you will proably note that it reports 0 threats removed now.
I hope this helps!
P.S.: For reaching support, replies seem to be faster if you submit a Trouble Ticket