Webroot Business Endpoint Scheduled Scan

  • 1 May 2020
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Is Webroot scheduled scan time based on the timezone that is set within the management console or is it specific to the EndPoint’s Clock/TimeZone? 

I have Management Console set to Central Time and would like endpoints to scan in Central Time. 



3 replies

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I believe it’s set to the Endpoint’s Clock/Timezone. 


I believe it’s set to the Endpoint’s Clock/Timezone. 

Thanks for the response. I guess the only way to actually check is to go on the endpoint and look at the logs. 

Is it possible to lock it to 1 TimeZone versus EndPoint’s?



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Not that I know of. We have ours set to 9am in our console so that means that regardless of where the client is, if their system hits 9am on the computer, it’ll run the scan. 


Only other way to do that is to set the agent to unmanaged and then set it locally, but then you lose all the console policy settings, which is way worse.