Webroot causing printing problems on Terminal Server

  • 11 January 2017
  • 2 replies

Since installation of Webroot on our Terminal Server, we are experiencing problems printing from our ERP system.  Either nothing prints, or any bold text is missing from the prints.  Does Webroot have a history of affecting printing in this way?  Is there a solution?
Terminal server is Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise SP2  (I know, unsupported by MS!).
Any help welcome.

2 replies

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I sincerely apologize for the delay in response, @.

Are you using Citrix XenApp and experiencing the issue when printing through that environment?
Thanks for your response.
No, we are not using the Citrix Xenapp.  (I too apologise for the lateness of my response).
We have removed the Webroot application from the terminal servers for now.  There is no direct external access from these servers.