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  • 27 February 2013
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Can someone explain what this is and how it works. "Securely edit your profile and password information for any of your protected Web sites from any computer with Internet access" Don't want to set something up that creates user issues. Thanks

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3 replies

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What you describe is Webroot's ID shield, which a part of Webroot SecureAnywhere that enhances the security of your browser and protects the data that you input into it from prying eyes. This should not affect any of your users, but it will keep them safe.
Webroot has a nice youtube video that shows this feature:
It's the part where the keylogger is receiving garbled data instead of the person's banking data.
In essence anything that tries to grab data from your browser is fed in accurate data to protect you. Like the keylogger, this feature will protect you against man-in-the-browser type of attacks.
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OJC, can you please specify the page you're referencing? I suspect you may be referring to the Password Protection in the version for Individuals & Families rather than Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection.

If you're referring to the ID Shield, jgouverneur has provided some great information about that. Thanks! :)

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