Webroot gives a "moderate" warning on my site, I am wondering if there is a way to find out why.

Here is a screencast: https://i.gyazo.com/4396ba386f273c72b4639b930d8dd1ea.gif
Just wondering if there is a resource we can use to find out why this is happening. It is clear on all other validations that I know of other than this. The site is www.pureorganicvapors.com , Thanks!

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This site allows you to get more detail about the entry:
It looks like the age of the site is part of the reason, as newer sites are more likely to be malicious.  You can submit a change request here to get a manual update on the rating:
Hope that helps!
I think it does. Our site has been up for years, so it looks like this isnt indexing it for some reason. I will submit for a change. thanks!
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We could have a mistake in our database for some reason. Yeah submit the change request and we should update it soon.