WOE IS ME - No Client Facing Reports? Really ???

  • 1 August 2015
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Unbelievable WR lacks a decent reporting module.
We just switched from a competitor and had jazzy monthly reports automated to send to the client and lead engineer on the first of each month.  We use these reports in our quarterly management meetings.  The AV reports builds customer confidence and substantiates we are doing the work for our monthly  fee and staying on top of their network security and protection.
For now, we need at the least a basic 30 day report as a deliverable to our clients:

Date Range: 07-01-2015   to  07-31-2015
Asset Name -  Last Scanned Date -      Threats Found - Remediation Result
Rickkee-Desktop  07-28-2015                 Ambercrombie     Quarantineed
                                                                        Klez RAT                Deleted
                                                                       RedWorm              Not Removed
                                                                       Coupon Idiot         Delete
WS-Accounting01 07-05-2015                       None
Help.  I know the data is in there, how can I get it out? 
Even with this, we are estimating it will cost THREE to  FIVE MAN HOURS EACH MONTH to manually cycle through every site, one by one and export to CSV,   prepare, and email the reports.
Ultimately, the "best AV product in the industry" should include the best client / executive facing reports in the business.  It should include automation to send reports by email on a regular basis.
Help.  I know the data is in there, how can I get it out? 
Flabbergastedly yours,
Rickkee Rantton

3 replies

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I know we are working on improving the reporting capabilities - let me find out if what you're looking for is possible yet.
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So the good news is that dev has this on their roadmap for this quarter (standard disclaimer about possibility of it slipping depending on dev priorities and unexpected events).  Bad news is there isn't a good workaround for this until then, unfortunately.
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I posted this in IDEAS, but cannot even find it, to see if anyone voted.  Here is a screenshot of a report we prepare for several of our top clients by cutting and pasting from the console.  Seems it would be easy work if WR wanted to produce a boardroom quality report.