Users can disable iOS MDM??

  • 8 June 2015
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Why are iOS users wiht iPad's able to disable MDM?  I am testing the applicatio non Android phones, iPhones, and iPads.
It does not make sense that the app can be disabled. I do not see a way to block this by policy.
Please advise.
Stefan Jones

4 replies

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So what is happening is the Webroot application is being closed either because the user is closing it or the phone is being reset. This is not the MDM. The Apple Mobile Device Management Profile is always running on the device.

The only functionality that relies on the application is the consoles ability to locate the device. All other features (lock, wipe, etc..) are still available though the MDM.

There is no way to lock this down on the iOS device. This is a limitation of Apple unfortunately until they allow us to include startup items or allow us access to lock down or even just read the file structure on the device. The functionality of our app will be limited. Thankfully they have the MDM so we can provide you a easy way to see and manage all your devices in one portal account.
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James is correct - I've had several conversations with the product manager for mobile, and they've tried to find a way to force the app to restart or run at boot, but that just isn't something that Apple allows (with the exception of VOIP apps) unfortunately.  They lock down the OS so hard that it's tough for us to have the same level of control that we have on Android.
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The Scream function also requires the app to be running, same as the locate.
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Update on this - as of iOS 8 and up, this has been resolved and the app now starts up automatically when the phone is rebooted.