Product Update: WSA for macOS Catalina

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Surprising yet disappointing to say the least. BurnByCatalina had some excellent questions but all Webroot has done is avoided answering or skirted around. It’s been over a month now and all Webroot subscribers who have patiently waited are still in limbo. Basically all Webroot is saying is that they are working on this. In the interim, Webroot subscribers have no protection and apparently no recourse. If something does happen, protection wise, apparently Webroot is going to do nothing but say, “Sorry”. Furthermore, I completely agree with BurnByCatalina that Webroot subscribers should be compensated in some way for their patience and loyalty. Basically we are still paying for Webroot service protection that is not being provided. Hopefully, Webroot will step up and do the right thing regarding compensation, especially if you expect to retain us. Webroot subscribers are becoming tired of all the lame excuses. 

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I wanted to update this thread with @PVaddi latest message over here re: timing.