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  • 12 October 2019
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ever since webroot caused chaos when mac upgraded to catalina, i have had sooooooo much problems!!!!

i can't even log into my account as it keeps coming up as invalid pw. somehow i managed to log on to this site.

i'm always overseas somewhere and right now i'm in singapore wasting my time trying to uninstall webroot that doesn't work any longer.

during the process of continuous reinstalling of webroot (not knowing it was the source of my bugs) my icon no longer exists and can't get it back on as webroot keeps getting denied by catalina (tried everything PVaddi recommended, DOES'T WORK)

in fact my other antivirus says webroot is the source of my infected files and can't be manually removed as I, the owner of the laptop doesn't have permission!!!!

pls!!!! contact your customer for the last 5 years and help me delete webroot!!!!!

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