Weboot software "threatscan" has been scanning for 3 days..?

Do I need to un/Reinstall? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im a complete noob when it comes to Computer antivirus software so its probably an easy fix/readily available information that I was simply too dull to find. Thanks in advance!


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Hello @Neeks8814 


Please do another clean reinstall of Webroot with this version:


I don’t know if any of these will help but can you tell us the OS version? Catalina or Big Sur?


Let us know how it goes!



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Hello @Neeks8814 


The issues you are seeing is it on Windows, Mac or Android Devices as we need this info to better help you so more details please.



I will try this, thank you very much!!

Sorry, for leaving out important details lol, Its on a Mac. The software actually came with my Mac M1 I bought from best buy as part of a promotional deal!