Webroot Not Scanning

  • 16 September 2022
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I just renewed my membership and it seems that it will not scan my MacBook Pro. I go to a college that uses examplify and am wondering if anyone knows if that software has ruined my scanning on my webroot security. I have not had this issue until my school had changed to this test taking software. It always wants me ti disable my virus protection and I always say no. So I am wondering if the examplify software has messed it up without my permisson. I also would like to know how to fix this porblem with my webroot so it will scan. I go into the app/ file whatever you would like to call it to go ahead and run a scan on my computer, everythin works normally until i click scan my computer and it will run for about 3 seconds and then say scan cancelled. What can i do to fix this.

0 replies

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