What is the latest version of WSA for MAC?

  • 29 November 2019
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In October, WSA informed us to not download Catalina because it causes problem with WSA.  Has this been resolved yet?  If not when is the ETA?

2 replies

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This post addresses your question.


Fair warning - several posters on this forum have experienced issues with (Catalina + the latest version of Webroot). Since I do not work for Webroot, I do not know whether these occurrences are isolated incidents, or indicative of a more pervasive issue.


If you are unsure about upgrading to Catalina, I suggest that you contact Webroot support, and ask them directly. 


Good luck.  

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Hey @kerryt5 ,


If you want to get Webroot to work on Catalina, please follow this article:


If you’re still having trouble after following those instructions, definitely contact support!