DNS Filtering

  • 1 February 2018
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A reply from WebRoot support was made to a ticket I submitted asking how to apply DNS Filtering policies to sites/devices. The answer, in a nutshell, is that there is no applying DNS Filtering policies to sites/devices. The Global Default DNS Filtering policy is it. That policy gets applied to ALL Sites. Even though there are two other policies by default, and new policies can easily be created, they are useless because no other DNS policy other than the Default policy can be applied to anything.
Even within one site, it is likely that different devices will require different DNS filtering policies. It is astounding that this product was put into production without this most basic of capabilities. It's not like DNS Filtering is in Beta and we signed on for testing. It's not like this product was just released. The decision by WebRoot to roll out such an unfinished service brings into question the quality of the behind the scenes operations at the company.
I have been wrong to assume that WebRoot is a company that cares more about the quality of their product and isn't afraid the shun the conventional way of doing things in anti-malware. Apparently it is all about the dollar. This DNS product does not belong in production. 

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