DNS Unlocker?

  • 15 May 2017
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Hey! I am having trouble with a popup written DNS unlocker. It keeps popping up, but I know enough not to install it. I am guessing it is some kind of malware or virus and I have read about such malicious things in cyber security blogs on the Internet. Is this like that wannacry ransomware everyone is talking about? I have webroot installed, but it didn’t give any warning or message about any virus. May be this thing might have escaped its detection. But is it possible? What should I do? Do I need to add any extra protection?

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3 replies

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Hey @
You can always contact support should you need assistance. That's what they are there for. They can remote in and take a look. 
I would advise NOT approviing that as it's likely some sort of malware once it is installed. 

I'd recommend adding ublock origin to your Chrome/Firefox browsers to supplement the AV protection. As well as disabling the Windows Script host through registry edit or at the very least redirect it using this utility

Also disable macros and autoplay/run on your system..
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This DNS Unlocker looks like a program that makes changes to your DNS servers only. It then hijacks all the traffic from the "infected" computer and redirects whatever traffic is wants to the browser. This behavior might go undetected if you launched their installer - it is not likely that you got this via "drive-by" download as it would require priveldge escalation to make the changes to DNS. Feel free to remove the program via Control Panel then run deep scanners of choice to get rid of any lingering issues. The only extra protection you need in this case is to not click on all the things.
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Our Advanced Malware Removal Team should review your system to completely remediate DNS Unlocker.
Please open a support ticket and they can answer any other questions you may have.