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Website displayed in an unexpected language when using Webroot WiFi Security

Website displayed in an unexpected language when using Webroot WiFi Security
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When you are connected to the internet through a Webroot WiFi Security server located outside of the country you are physically in, websites and search engines may dynamically alter the page language and content presented in order to better serve those who live in that geographical location. This functionality is by design and normally results in an improved user experience for those living in those countries.

Most websites that provide this type of functionality offer options to change the language of the site back to your preferred language, or you can change the WiFi Security server location to a country that uses your preferred language in order to correct this situation.

This issue can occur unexpectedly when WiFi Security is configured to connect to an “Automatic” server and you are physically located near a country border. The closest server automatically selected for you may not be in your current country, therefore websites may not render in your preferred language. If you are experiencing this issue, you can resolve it by changing the server location from Automatic to the closest one that uses your preferred language. For more information see:

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