how do I get rid of the red exclamation mark?

Cant ses a fault but I have a red exclimation mark at the top of my screen????

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Hello and Welcome ? to the Webroot Community,
Are you referring to an IPad, IOS? Because I'm not aware of any red exclamation marks in the IOS. There can be a red check mark in Secure Web Browser.above password manager but not a red exclamation mark in the IOS. Even in an Android device you can get a red exclamation mark if you have a threat and Webroot will do a scan to get rid of that threat.

Red.  Means one  or more critical items require your intervention. Has your subscription expired even?
My advice  would be to Contact Webroot Support Number: 1-866-612-4227 or
Support Ticket:
They will gladly check this out free with a Webroot Subscription.
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