Is my iPhone protected or is there an app I need to download?

  • 11 April 2017
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Some of the most common questions I see while looking across the Social Channels are the age-old: 
"Is my iPad secure?" or "Can I put Webroot on my iPhone?"
The short answer is that there are no "real" AntiVirus solutions on the App Store because Apple includes all Security fixes in their Software Updates. That being said, we do offer a free SecureWeb Browser you can get right from the App Store.
Browse, bank, search, shop, or use your favorite social network. We'll block the malicious websites for you.
The most important rule to follow is to always update to the latest iOS version.
Here are some other suggestions to help protect your iPhone/iPad:
  • Activate find my iPhone [list]
  • If you happen to lose your device, you can wipe it remotely to protect your personal data[list]
  • Tap Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Scroll to the bottom and tap Find My iPhone
  • Use a passphrase instead of a passcode
    • Having a more complex pin makes it much more difficult to crack[list]
    • Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode > Passcode Options > Custom Alphanumeric Code
  • Turn off lock screen notifications
    • Even the strongest passphrase won't prevent your data from being revealed when it pops up on your lock screen[list]
    • Choose which Notifications are allowed under Settings > Notifications > Select the App > Uncheck Show on Lock screen
    • Avoid opening unknown links [list]
    • Even while using our SecureWeb Browser, make sure to not open emails/attachments that seem phishy[list]
    • Trust your gut
  • Turn off auto-fill
    • If a hacker does manage to gain access to your iPhone, it provides them with access to all your online logins[list]
    • To disable keychain and auto-fill, simply go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill and toggle off each option
  • Disable Siri on lock screen
    • Don't let anyone coerce your favorite virtual assistance while you're away[list]
    • Go into Settings > Siri > turn off Access When Locked and Allow "Her Siri"
    What other tips do you use to help keep the Peeping Toms out?

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