Lame . . .No weekend support. . . update your website

OK, when you list weekend hours on yourwebsite only to get a recording telling you to call back during "normal business hours" thats pretty lame and a fail of customers service 101 . . . so guys update your website


second why no support on weekends or even a email address ,hence this post


Really  annoyed at tech companies that seemingly go out of their way to not offer even minimally acceptable levels of support


Finally completely annoyed at putting my keycode in on my iphone with the correct email only to state therewas an error 


Come on guys you have an attractive product but you are doing a really bad job on the little things 

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Hello there, welcome to the Community.


While the phone support line is not open at night or on weekends, Support DOES WORK 24/7  You can reach them by submitting a Trouble Ticket


 Please note that on the main Contact site, the hours that Support, Sales and other departments are avilable are listed.


Here on the Community we are able to help you through a great many issues, and this might be one of them.  To use the mobile versions, you User Account must be correctly configured to allow mobile use.  This is done so that the license owner is able to specify exacly which features any given user is able to access.


Please try the following steps and see if this will help resolve your problem:


  • Log into your Account Console
  • Click your email address at the upper right corner
  • Select Manage Users from the drop down
  • Find the User Account that your attempting to use on your mobile device
  • Click the Edit symbol at the far right side of the User Account listing
  • Click the Access & Permissions tab
  • Set your permissions on all features you wish access to for Admin or Access (Some features do not have an Admin setting)
  • Make sure to set the Mobile permission for Access, and I would suggest to set Passwords and Backup & Sync as well if your license supports those features.
  • Save your changes

Wait a few minutes, and then try to log in on your mobile device again.


Let us know if this helps!
Did't help David


I purchased Webroot for s my mobile devices and currently not getting what  I hoped for 


Your post hasn't  changed my opinion of the lame support offered thus far
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If going through the steps to ensure the Account is configured correctly for mobile login, please submit a Trouble Ticket and allow Support to assist you.
Go play with your Kids David 
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The members here are volunteers, who work hard to help others.  We are not employees, but we do bring a high degree of experience with WSA.  


One thing that is not tolerated on the Community is any post or comment that is taken as being abusive to anyone else.  Please keep the tone civil.


At this point, I think you might not receive the help you need here, but you can do as suggested and contact a Webroot employee via a Trouble Ticket today, or use the phone support line on Monday morning.
[edited - While complaints against Webroot and the software are generally not edited, I WILL edit comments that are disparaging towards Community Members.  I have asked you to keep a civil tone, please do so. Thanks!  shorTcircuiT]


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Hello ?,


Welcome to the Webroot Community,


? if I may add to this post?



Please look at this information below,


At this time, there is not an antivirus option available for Apple iOS devices. Because of how Apple manages the apps available in their App Store, there is not a need for one currently. This may change in the future but at this time is is extremly hard/almost impossible to infect an iPad/iiPhone.


Webroot does offer two apps you can download from the App Store to backup your files and protect your internet browsing, called SecureWeb and Backup & Sync. You can find either of them by searching for "Webroot" in the App Store on your Apple iOS device. For more information on both of these products please use the information below.

Webroot SecureWeb

Webroot Backup & Sync (for SecureAnywhere Complete subscriptions only)



Thanks Ssherjj



at lastsome  REAL help here


I'll be canceling my subscription  
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To be clear: posts and comments critical of Webroot and the WSA software are of course welcome.  That is the purpose of the Community so that issues can be resolved.


Posts and comments attacking, insulting or disparaging Community Members will be edited or removed.


at least she provided REAL help rather than wasting my time